Mendy + Leah

Waking up at 5:45am to fly to Pittsburgh with a stopover, was so worth it. Mendy and Leah were as relaxed and easy going as I could ever ask for. The weather was great, the schedule, flexible :), the dancing was amazingly high-energy, the groom, way taller than me, and most of all, the photos and video Spectacular :)

Looking forward to seeing you at your next event.


Amira's morning Bat Mitzvah

Amira’s Bat Mitzva morning had stunning weather. Some might say it was too nice, (By hot I mean it was too hot:)) But Amira was an absolute star and we had a great time getting some amazing photos. A shutout goes to her family for braving the heat along with her.

Looking forward to greeting you at your next event.

Allison and Abraham

After more then 2 years since my last blog post, i am finally starting to add some more. Alison and Abraham got married on a chilly day in March. The love felt was unlike any wedding I can recall in recent memory. 

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